Sunday, September 27, 2009

The marathon runner!

Before 26.2 miles............
I think that his face says, 'what in the world have I committed to?'
It was so cute. The kids wanted to run in with him. We are so proud of you for this amazing accomplishment! from your mother! I don't think that she should have gotten that close to you before you took a shower.

Holy Smokes! This is one of his feet after the race..... he was covered in dust from head to toe. Gross! At least the dust covers the blisters.
We love you Josh! Congratulations!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sloppy Joes

The definition of a SLOPPY JOE.........!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Never ending party!

So we have just had one party after another....after another! Tons of fun and family time......what more could anyone ask for!
My sister Amy came for a week to visit from Seattle. We had a great time. She was such a big help to me while I was doing all the wedding stuff. Thanks Amy.......come back soon!

This is the three boys all born within 3 months. (Brennan, Rhett and Jackson)

This is what Brennan thought of Jackson........

Jackson wanted to play with him soooo much but Brennan was just too little to understand play. I think that Brennan was kinda on kid overload for the whole week. He usually doesn't have a lot of kids to be around and with all his cousins this week hauling him all over the place, he probably won't like any kids for a while. Sorry Amy.

The Parties started with a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.

Then it continued that night at the NAU Skydome when Brad got to run in the big Eagle Flag that my mom made for Flagstaff high school 11 years ago. That was really cool!

These are the little cheerleaders!

Then the next day was my sister Jo's wedding. She looked so beautiful!

Congratulations to Jo and Jason!

Jo wanted the wedding reception in Josh's parents beautiful back yard. It was pouring rain an hour before but then it cleared up and was beautiful! Here is what the kids were doing during the reception. They had a good time.

This is what my dear little son looked like at the end of the night. Oh well!

It was so great to have our entire family here. There is getting to be so many of us! (except Amy's husband Taylor who just started a new job, we missed you Taylor)

Then the next day was Brad's Eagle court of honor. It was such a neat experience. We are so proud of you Brad. I know that Mom is proud of you and your accomplishments also!

Then we ended all the excitement with a fun relaxing and much needed day at the pool.