Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Snowflake Triathlon and kids Dualathon

I have always wanted to do a triathlon. My brother Scott and his wife Janea were doing one in Snowflake with her family. I decided to join the fun. It was a great time. I started just a minute or two before Scott. Here we are waiting to start the swim. We swam 525 meters, biked 13.1 and ran 3.1 miles.

It was a great time!

Josh got a great picture of Scott swimming. I must have been to fast to capture. HA HA! 

I was so proud of Madelyn for wanting to sign up for the kids bike/run.
She did so good. She got 2nd place in all the girls.
I am happy that she had a good experience with physical competition.


Diamond Backs game

We have enjoyed watching the Diamondbacks play this year. We usually try to make it to a game or two. 

Why all the green????

The game that we went to was college night. It was fun because Coach Gibson of  the Diamondbacks played football and baseball at Michigan State. We were certain that if we all went dressed in Green and White we would certainly get on the Jumbo tron........and there were no disappointments.

It was a Blast!

Notice the sea of green approaching a crowd of red!!!!

We really stuck out of the crowd.  We got the REEEally  cheap seats. But oh well. We got to stretch out and enjoy!

Thanks Mickey for help in entertaining the little ones!

The kids got on the Jumbo tron a couple of times but I only captured one time.

Baseball games are always complete after an ice-cream cone.