Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 months

Jackson is now 2 months old. What a great addition to our family! We all just love him to death. Here is some new and old pictures for you to enjoy!

You gotta love baby fluids! My other kids were spitters and Jackson is not going to disappoint either.......we think that we will keep him though.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Brad doesn't really like pictures, but here is what he has been up to........
He is in the choir this year and they had a concert last night. They sounded really good. He actually looked like he was having fun! After all these years of my parents begging all of us kids to join the choir, one finally does.....and all on his own doing. My dad didn't even know that he was in choir until I told him about his concert. My dad asked me how come he decided to join the choir, I said you will see. My dad figured it out when he saw 13 boys in a choir with about 175 girls. Smart Dude Huh? He really looks handsome in his tux. Good Job Brad!

Brad had fun at Mormon Prom.

Wrestling is over now but he had a good season and learned a lot for next year!

We love you Brad!

Basketball Season

Basketball season was fun this year. Michigan State made it all the way to the Championship Game. Even though they lost the last game, it was a fun road! Our kids loved it as much as Grandpa and Daddy! We even ate an all green meal to cheer them on.

Right after Michigan State beat Uconn in the Final Four game, Josh and his dad headed to general Priesthood meeting a little late. This is what they wore............... How Fun!??

Oh What Fun!

Life has been wild and crazy but we love it!
Easter weekend was a BLAST! We had Katelyn's birthday party on Friday, Elijah's baptism on Saturday and Jackson's blessing on Sunday followed by a yummy lunch at our house. I think there were more kids than adults, or at least close to it! A big thanks to everyone who came and for your help! We love being part of supportive families!

These are all the crazy kids on the Clouse side of the family.

These girls are ROCK STARS!

What would be Easter weekend in Flagstaff without a little white stuff?

We had a great time at the Aquaplex on Saturday after the baptism. Josh snuck Madelyn on the slides even though she wasn't tall enough. She absolutly loved it. We can't wait for it to get warm and the outdoor pool at the Athletic Club to open.