Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break this year was crazy! We had so much fun. We watched 4 extra cousins while Josh's sister and her husband went on a vacation without their kids........yeah!
The big kids played and played while little Jackson was trying to keep up with them. He got in the middle of everything that they tried to do. This is Madelyn's solution to the problem.

Thank goodness for nice weather. The first year that I can remember that it didn't snow during spring break.

Sugar cookies are always easy to make with 7 kids????? LOL

We played at the park. We thought the weather was nice but as you can see it couldn't have been to warm if there is still a huge pile of snow in the middle of the park. Oh well!

It was really fun to make GREEN eggs and HAM on St. Patrick's day.

We made sure they were all nice and tired and took everyone swimming. It was a blast! Then came the fun part.....we ordered 9 ice cream cones. You should have seen the people in the restaurant stare....and the poor guy who asked if they were ALL my kids?

Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's is always a fun adventure!

See look....everyone is getting along, playing with smiles on their faces.

This is the best moment of the entire week. Getting 7 kids and myself ready for church by myself.......and you got it, we were on time! Hair combed, check, tights on, check, smiles on, almost!?

Thanks for a super fun week! Maybe next year we will reverse roles?