Sunday, May 17, 2009


This year Madelyn is on the Diamondbacks. She is so stinking cute!
I love to watch her play.
She thinks that my old bat bag is now hers.... not toooo big at all!

The cool part is, that yesterday her game was on the Flagstaff High School field that I helped to build between my Junior and Senior Year of High School. I got to play on the same field for one year and now she is there doing the same thing. COOL HUH!

The BEST Part of T-Ball is the snacks after the game!

The little cheerleaders!

I am not a runner!

Yesterday Josh and I ran in a 10K race at Ft. Tuthill. (If you are like me a couple of years ago.... you have no idea how far that is 6.2 miles) I am so proud of Josh for doing this. His company was a sponsor for the race and I just tagged along. (literally tagged... along) Josh finished in 1 hour, 5 min and I finished in 1 hour 13 min. Not too bad. The whole race I kept thinking, this would be a ton easier if I didn't have this 20 lb caboose attached to me, but then I thought, that's exactly why I am doing this, to lose the 20 lbs!

Don't I look thrilled!?

I couldn't take any pictures of Josh since he finished before me so you can just see me as I crossed the finish line. Yeah!!! (see the caboose?)

Last January 1st, 2008, I ran a marathon in Texas with my friends Becky and Rana. What a great experience. I think that everyone should run one at some point in their life. I am not a runner but I was able to finish 26.2 miles. It gave me such a sense of accomplishment. Josh is training to run one in Flagstaff this September. I am proud of him and all the goals that he is accomplishing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

My mother was an amazing woman. I hope that I am half as good of a mother as she was! I love her for the wonderful example that she set for me to follow. I miss her so much but I know that she is there whispering little messages when I need them most. I have so many good mother examples in my life. I am very thankful to my mother-in-law who is so good to our family and is a wonderful grandmother to my children and raised her son to be such a good husband and father.

We went to the cemetery to leave flowers on my mothers grave. I think that it is good for my kids because they always ask cool questions about her and life and death. It is always a learning experience to go there.

I love this picture..... for a long time, Brad did not want to go to the cemetery. (No one can blame him) I think that he has done a lot of healing in the past couple of years and has grown up a ton. He gave me the sweetest mother's day card.
I'm so glad that I get the chance to help raise him.

These are aprons that I made for Josh's mom for mothers day. One for her and one for the granddaughters when they are helping cook in the kitchen. Oh sooooo FUN!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Womens Conference

Last weekend, Becky and I went to BYU Women's Conference.

It was just what I needed to rejuvenate my life. We had a great time!
We stayed in the dorms....... exciting huh?

I'm sure they were the freshman dorms....yup that good!

I have an AMAZING husband who matched my kiddos so that I could go!
Thank you so much Josh, I love you!

One night, we went to Salt Lake to see my sister-in-law Jacque.

That was fun to see her stomping grounds and her totally fun apartment! Next time I want to meet some of your BOYS?..... and next time I will stay longer.

One night, we went out with my friend Brittany who moved from Flagstaff a little less than a year ago. We had a BLAST with her as always. She is so FUN! I miss you......when are you moving back to AZ?.......
It was so neat to see 20,000 women in the Marriott Center.

Warm Weather

We love Popsicles, sunny days, flip flops and the back yard!

Today we had Adelyn and Nolan come over, it was so much fun!
We love the warm will probably snow next week but we will enjoy it while it lasts!