Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Austin

Josh and his boys on game day.

A big thanks to all who came to visit and helped with the big kids while we were in the hospital. We have such great family!

I am a mom of 4?!!!!! WOW!

Proud dad!

Josh had to take off his MSU shirt for a little while to put on scrubs for the operating room. Thanks for the sacrifice!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The boys trip to Michigan

Josh and Jacob took a special trip with Josh's dad. They flew back to Michigan to a Michigan State football game. (there seems to be a pattern forming here) Anyway.......they had a great trip together. This trip they even got to go to midnight madness for MSU, which is the big first practice for their basketball team. They also got to go to the homecoming parade. Jacob's favorite list goes like this......1. MSU football game 2. midnight madness 3. sand dunes 4. Lake Michigan 5. Great Grandmas cooking
This picture is of the football team walking to the stadium on game day.

Lake Michigan.......soooooo BLUE!

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

Jacob got to watch the band practice before the game.

On the bridge over the Red Cedar.

Midnight Madness

Jacob also loved his first time flying. I guess I'll just prepare myself for Josh to take a trip to Michigan each fall for a football game. I really wish that MSU played a game or two in the western part of the United States. Oh well, we are hoping for a Rose Bowl appearance!

Trip to see Brad's graduation

Josh, Jackson, Me, my Dad and his wife Bobbie flew to South Carolina to see Brad's graduation from his basic training in the Army National Guard. He has been stationed at Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC. We took him off base for a day and went to the beach in Charleston, SC. We loved it. The waves were huge because there was a hurricane coming in the next day. The waves were loud and as you can see, Jackson didn't like it. I did! It was soooo beautiful. I could have stayed there for 3 more days. It was really good to spend time with Brad. He enjoyed his training and seemed to be doing good. He is now doing his specialized training in auto mechanics at the same base. He will graduate in a month or so. We can't wait to have him home!

This was at his graduation. He is the one marching in the back left. The graduation was really neat to see.

He was showing us where he stood for formation. He was a squad leader.
This is the room where he slept.

Jackson laying down on his bunk......luckily he got the bottom bunk. I don't think he ever got the bottom bunk growing up. He was always the smallest guy who had to climb up on the top bunk.

Brad is showing us his Class A uniform. He wasn't able to wear it yet.

The entertainment while waiting to see Brad.

The airport was fun! Jackson loved flying. He still talks about going up in the sky with the clouds on a plane.
We had a great trip! We can't wait to see Brad again.