Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Madelyn wanted to cut her hair. Lots of people tried to talk her out of it but she did it anyway.
I LOVE it!! It is so easy. She gets out of the bath and combs it and it just goes like this. She wakes up and it looks the same as before bed, she takes her snow had off and it looks the same. I really wish I had easy hair and could pull it off. Isn't it adorable???

Christmas 2009

For Christmas this year we spent the night in this little cabin with my side of the family. We had a great time considering there were 25 people in this thing. Thanks Ann and Tyrel, you did a great job planning this year. It was soooo nice not to be the one in charge!

Tyrel made costumes for all the kids to act out the nativity. It was so cute. Thanks Tyrel. Madelyn was Mary and Jacob was a shepherd.

This is our HAPPY teenage boy on Christmas Morning!
What happend to wanting to get up at 5:00?

We Love the Snow! We finally had a White Christmas. We had a blast sledding on Christmas day and then we went sledding again two times since we got home. I love the fact that my kids can get themselves ready to go outside without my help. I can hardly get them to come in from playing outside even when it is dark and it is in the middle of a blizzard.

Since taking a picture of all 25 people was kinda out of the question, (including 9 grand kids) We just took a Skinner siblings picture. That was hard enough, (as you can see). My sister Amy flew down here from Seattle. Thanks Amy for making the trip so that we could all get together this year. I know I look lovely and huge. Oh well! Next time I see Amy, she will be too. She is expecting #1 in May. Scott's wife Janea is also expecting #4 in May. Congratulations girls!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Jacob's Diary

Today Madelyn came home from school with a little notebook that she bought in their school store. She said that it was her diary and we could not read it because there were secrets in it. So Jacob went up stairs and got a notebook and brought it down and said that it was his diarrhea and that we could not look in it. I could not stop laughing. I explained to him that it was a diary, not a diarrhea, but he insisted on calling it his diarrhrea. I love kids and words!


All of Josh's family got together for Thanksgiving. It was crazy but a lot of fun. The kids had a great time. We had tons of food!!! Here are a few pictures of the day.

ALL the Grandkids!

Josh collects Santas. He lined them all up on the fireplace and took a picture. I said NO MORE SANTAS! Jacob counted them and said that there are 86?! There are actually only about 25 but it seems like 86! Try to find a place to put them all? Some of them are actually cool because Mrs. Clause is with Santa. We all know who does most of the work for Christmas!
But who gets the spotlight?