Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Austin goes to the hospital

My little Austin was admitted to the hospital last week and was tested positive for RSV and had double ear infections. As of today, we are still here and going on our 7th day here. It has been an adventure. He is slowly getting better. We are so grateful for our family and friends for their support and help.

Even with all these cords and monitors, he still has his happy personality!

Madelyn, Jacob, Jackson and Eli made him some get well soon signs. Sooooo cute!

Chubby little man turned 4 months old today.

He loves his dad!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hawaii 2011

For my birthday, Josh said I could go to Hawaii to see my sister Amy and her family. So Josh, me, Jackson and Austin boarded the plane for Honolulu. We landed when it was nearly dark and so by the time we got to their apartment which is about 45 min away, we hadn't really seen anything besides car headlights. So the next morning when we woke up, this is what we saw out our bedroom window. It was absolutely beautiful. This is their church building that is right behind their apartment.

The sun was shining so I bet you can guess what was the first on my list of things to do...........

...... head to THE BEACH!!!!!

This is Amy's son Brennan who is 3 months younger than Jackson. Can you tell who lives in Hawaii? There is one kid with dark skin and white hair and one with white skin and dark hair.

Get a tan DUDE!

They live a few blocks from the beach so we loaded up the stroller and the wagon and headed for the beach. On the way we passed the LDS temple that they live right next to. I was so awesome. The Temple Beach is the first one that we went to and my favorite one. It is just directly out from the temple. I just loved it!

In the above picture you can see the temple in the background.

I love you Josh! Thanks for my birthday present and for going with me!

We put Austin and Amy's little Brooke in the stroller together. Brooke is 5 day younger than Austin.

We went to Pearl Harbor.

These flowers are everywhere. In many different colors.

We stopped off to see the dole plantation and ate some yummmmmyyyy dole whip!
I could go back just to eat some more of that deliciousness!

While we were there we were lucky that BYU Hawaii was having their annual food fest. We got to sample all kinds of different food from many all of the islands of the pacific. Brennan loved the noodles from Samoa.

At first Jackson didn't like the beach; not even the sand. He wanted to lay on the towel under Josh's shirt and he ended up falling asleep. What kid falls asleep at the beach?

You can see the trail that Jackson made with his bum as he was sliding down the hill saying that he was sledding. He finally decided that the sand was OK. He never ended up liking the water. I think the waves were too loud. Wimp?

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. That was awesome. Our favorite part was when we went to the night program. It was so neat!

We took this picture on our walk back from the Polynesian Cultural Center. The mountains are so pretty! The building to the right of the church is their apartments.
Brennan fell asleep on the ride home.

This is the happy group!

Amy, I love you and miss you! Thanks for letting us stay with you. We had a great time. I am ready to go back.

Josh and I took Taylor's boogie board out and tried to learn how to ride the waves. It was very fun. Josh got pretty good. I was really good at getting crushed by the waves and getting rammed into the sand.

We went to the temple. The inside just got remodeled and it is very beautiful!

We are ready to go back.......who want to come?