Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sara's Vegas Ragnar

I ran in the Vegas Ragnar Relay. It is a 200 mile race with 12 runners running 3 legs each. It was a fun time. I loved making new friends. I did the Wasatch Back Ragnar in June also but I didn't take any pictures. To make up for it, I probably took too many pictures. Sorry! I had a good time doing both of them. Our team name was Witness the Fitness. 

Lake Mead

My good friend Dion was on another team in this race but in the Utah race we were on the same team. In this race we ran the same legs. On our last leg we had a chance to run together for a while. That was my favorite part and we got to run by the lake. Good Job Dion!

Running at 3:00 am looks like this......with a 5 hr. energy drink.

Uncle Kenny's funeral

My Uncle Kenny passed away at the end of October 2012. It was a wonderful funeral and all my siblings were able to come so were together for the first time in years! I loved it! 

We will miss you Uncle Kenny!

Da Big Boys!

Wow.....we are good looking......well, some of us? :)

Da Big Girls!

Where have I seen this picture before????

Love this crazy kid!

Best Cousins Forever!

Da little boys!

Da little Girls!

This makes my heart melt!

Fall Leaves

It's always a blast to help rake leaves at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Hello, Hello...........are you in there?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a fun Halloween this year. Jackson was a army guy, Jacob was a MSU football player, Madelyn was a nerd, and Austin was a doctor. 

This picture was for crazy hair day at school during Halloween week.