Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We have had a wonderful Christmas season this year. We have been able to spend lots of time together and with our extended family. We finally found a good sledding hill in town. We will enjoy it for now until they put a fence in the middle of it. Oh well! We had a blast! Madelyn and Jacob are fearless......they went up and down the hill time after time and after time! They are crazy. That's why we love them!

I love you Josh!

You always have to have a birthday party or two during the holidays. I made this truck cake for my future brother-in-law . Happy Birthday David!

Christmas Eve.....awaiting their "softie"

Josh collects Santas. We have absolutly NO room for another single one; or so he thought! I surprised him with an 8 foot Santa. You can see it below.... he is standing on it. That was the only place left in the house without a Santa.
Christmas morning!

Jacob playing his new Wii game.

Look at all that smoke! What a bon fire! Yup I turned the big 30! Just cuz I feel and look 18 doesn't mean I am. Ha Ha!

It has been fun to have the kids out of school to play in the snow, have sleepovers and lots of play time. We can fit 5 kids, fully stretched out on our couch. I love it!

Wow, what a cute kid! He loves Oreo's. Also you can see some of the Santa collection on the mantle behind him. Josh has got to stop collecting at some point. Oh well, it's fun!

We hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and we will have a Happy New Year!
ps. sorry for so many pics.... I got a new camera :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We Certainly have had our share of winter lately. Lots of snow and very chilly weather. Last weekend my dad brought his 4 wheeler and barrel train over here to Flagstaff to take all the grand kids for a ride in the Christmas Light Parade in downtown. They had a great time! My camera doesn't really take good pics at night, but you get the idea. The big guys on there were two of my brothers (or you can say they were the brakes...)

Here are the COLD spectators.......

Our little snow man ......hey, I think that he could have gone with us to the 80's party wearing that show suit! He loves it. "No Coat" he says.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Fall Fun!

Fall has come and gone! We are inside all day today with over 2 feet of snow on the ground which means no school! How Fun!
These are a little late but better than never!
One of these days I'll catch up with these crazy times!

Is that Grandma?

Gotta Love that backpack! He would go anywhere in that thing.

Party Time!

For my work party this year was an 80's theme. It was a fun time! My hair was much bigger than you can tell in the picture. We looked like we were straight out of the Napoleon Dynamite movie......including the moon boots!

Thanks Josh! You look good with high tops and pegged pants!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Boy!

I love this Kid!

More Football

This picture says it all! This was Brad after the Flagstaff High School vs. Coconino High School football game. Every year our family is torn on who to cheer for and what colors to wear. Usually Josh dresses the kids in red and black. This year, Madelyn wanted nothing to do with red or black. She is an EAGLE FAN! Of course Josh rooted for the Panthers but wanted Brad to do good. Sorry Josh :( Maybe next year! We had a lot of fun at the game! Brad had quite the cheering section. Lots of family and friends! Congratulations Brad! We are Proud of you!

Go Green........Go White!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well October came and is some of our activities!

This month we have gone to a lot of football games on Friday nights. Brad has had fun this year playing football. The kids get so excited to watch him play. Good thing we are also Michigan State Fans so we have lots of green and white to wear.

For Brad's last home football game, I took the kids down on the field for Senior night when the parents are recognized. Madelyn was so sad when the game was about to start because we had to go back up to the stands. She Said "I am going to have to be a cheerleader or a water girl because I want to be on the field all the time. Can I just stay down here for one game?"

I'm hoping she goes the water girl route. Ha Ha! (Or maybe I could work some magic and talk her into being the mascot! That is Waaaaay more fun than cheer leading, and you wear more clothes too!)

This is after the game down in Mingus. It was a loss as you can see by Brad's happy face. Oh well.
Jackson is 8 Months!!!!!!
He is crawling all over the place. Christmas should be fun! Not!

Happy Halloween!

It was kinda nice this year....Our older two kids went to Tucson with Grandma and Grandpa. So with an 8 month old, who needs to go trick or treating? Not us! We had a wonderful weekend. Thank you Jessica, Jenna, Jacque, Grandma and Grandpa for taking them out for Halloween. Sorry no pictures yet. Madelyn dressed up like the tooth fairy and Jacob was the Hulk.

Ther First Snow of the year! The kids were so excited. They played in the whole 2 inches for an hour with their snow clothes from last year including high waters and rain boots.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The marathon runner!

Before 26.2 miles............
I think that his face says, 'what in the world have I committed to?'
It was so cute. The kids wanted to run in with him. We are so proud of you for this amazing accomplishment! from your mother! I don't think that she should have gotten that close to you before you took a shower.

Holy Smokes! This is one of his feet after the race..... he was covered in dust from head to toe. Gross! At least the dust covers the blisters.
We love you Josh! Congratulations!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sloppy Joes

The definition of a SLOPPY JOE.........!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Never ending party!

So we have just had one party after another....after another! Tons of fun and family time......what more could anyone ask for!
My sister Amy came for a week to visit from Seattle. We had a great time. She was such a big help to me while I was doing all the wedding stuff. Thanks Amy.......come back soon!

This is the three boys all born within 3 months. (Brennan, Rhett and Jackson)

This is what Brennan thought of Jackson........

Jackson wanted to play with him soooo much but Brennan was just too little to understand play. I think that Brennan was kinda on kid overload for the whole week. He usually doesn't have a lot of kids to be around and with all his cousins this week hauling him all over the place, he probably won't like any kids for a while. Sorry Amy.

The Parties started with a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.

Then it continued that night at the NAU Skydome when Brad got to run in the big Eagle Flag that my mom made for Flagstaff high school 11 years ago. That was really cool!

These are the little cheerleaders!

Then the next day was my sister Jo's wedding. She looked so beautiful!

Congratulations to Jo and Jason!

Jo wanted the wedding reception in Josh's parents beautiful back yard. It was pouring rain an hour before but then it cleared up and was beautiful! Here is what the kids were doing during the reception. They had a good time.

This is what my dear little son looked like at the end of the night. Oh well!

It was so great to have our entire family here. There is getting to be so many of us! (except Amy's husband Taylor who just started a new job, we missed you Taylor)

Then the next day was Brad's Eagle court of honor. It was such a neat experience. We are so proud of you Brad. I know that Mom is proud of you and your accomplishments also!

Then we ended all the excitement with a fun relaxing and much needed day at the pool.